The hatchery lives at badge.team and is a repository of apps for use on your badge.


Registration is simple, email can be whatever, for example test@test.com, it is only used for password resets.

App model

Apps are folders with as a minimal requirement a init.py file.

Hatchery will add an empty version of that file for you.


This is what should be run after import by the [[SHA2017Badge/Launcher|Launcher]].


This is what will be started on boot (if present) like so from app import on_boot

You can use this to run TSR apps (take a look at the flashlight app for an example of this..


Unless you upload or create such a file, Hatchery will generate one . .

This contains at-minimum the description of the app and weather or not it should be shown in the [[SHA2017Badge/Launcher|Launcher]].

Hatching eggs

Installation of apps on the badge is done with [[SHA2017Badge/woezel|woezel]] via REPL or with help of a graphical [[SHA2017Badge/Installer|Installer]] on the badge.


There’s an api available, used by [[SHA2017Badge/woezel|woezel]] and [[SHA2017Badge/Installer|Installer]]:

/eggs/get/[app]/json       - get json data for a the egg named [app]
/eggs/list/json            - a list of all eggs with name, slug, description, revision
/eggs/search/[words]/json  - json data for search query [words]
/eggs/categories/json      - json list of categories
/eggs/category/[cat]/json  - json data for category [cat]

Since the badge.team merger there are now baskets for different badges

/basket/[badge]/list/json           - a list of all eggs for specific [badge]
/basket/[badge]/search/json         - [badge] specific search for [words]
/basket/[badge]/category/[cat]/json - json data for category [cat] on [badge]

You can play around with this API here at: https://badge.team/api


Hatchery on Github