The keypad API allows you to call functions when someone presses a button on the silicone keypad of their CampZone 2020 badge.

Available on:    ✅ CampZone 2020


import keypad

def on_key(key_index, is_pressed):
    # Print to the serial port when a button is pressed or released
    print('Key ' + key_index + ': ' + is_pressed)



Command Parameters Returns Description
add_handler handler - Registers a handler function, that is called any time a keypad button is pressed or released. The first argument is the key index (0 top left, 3 top right, 12 bottom left, etc.), and the second argument is whether the button is currently pressed or not.
remove_handler handler - Removes previously registered handler function, so it won’t be called anymore.
get_state - touch_state Returns a list of 16 booleans indicating for each button whether they are currently pressed.