HID Keyboard & Mouse

The HID API allows you to make your CampZone 2020 badge act like a keyboard and mouse over USB. You can use it to type text, press key combinations, and click or move the mouse cursor.

Available on:    ✅ CampZone 2020


import hid, keycodes



Function Parameters Returns Description
keyboard_type text - Automatically sends the right key press and release events for the keys needed to type a text. Will use the SHIFT modifier for uppercase keys too. Blocks until the whole text has been typed.
keyboard_press_keys keys, [modifier] - Send key down commands over USB for the given keys. The optional modifier can be used to convey pressing ctrl, alt, shift, or the GUI/Windows button.
keyboard_release_keys - - Cancels all current key presses by sending a release command.

You can learn more in-depth about how this module works by checking out its source here

A more complex example

import hid, keycodes, time

# Presses ctrl+alt+delete
keys = bytes([keycodes.DELETE])
modifier = bytes([keycodes.MOD_LEFT_CONTROL & keycodes.MOD_LEFT_ALT])
hid.keyboard_press_keys(keys, modifier)

Known problems

  • The USB mouse interface is not yet present in the firmware at time of writing. A future Over-the-Air update will include it.