Board Support Package

Most of the board’s peripherals (RP2040 USB and keyboard coprocessor, ICE40 FPGA, ILI9341 LCD controller, BNO055 accelerometer, BME680 air sensor) are initialized and maintained by the board support package. It does not implement each peripheral’s functions, but it provides initialization functions and accessors to the peripheral instances. The BSP is a separate ESP-IDF component that is supposed to be cloned as a git submodule within your project.

At start of your code:

#include "hardware.h"


esp_err_t err = bsp_init();

There are additional initialization functions for individual peripherals (bsp_rp2040_init() ,bsp_ice40_init(), bsp_bno055_init(), bsp_bme680_init()). Call them prior to use if you intend to use the specific component. The ILI9341 display will always be initialized during startup and therefore does not require separate initialization call.

After initialization, you can use the respective instance accessor functions to obtain the peripheral’s instance, e.g. get_ili9341(), get_rp2040(), get_ice40(), get_bno055(), get_bme680(). See each function’s documentation in hardware.h in the component.

In addition, the BSP package gives you defines to the ESP32 pinout. See mch2022_badge.h.

Last modified July 22, 2022: Added docs for BSP and WS2812 (2fae609)