MCH2022 badge pinouts


SAO (Shitty AddOn)

Addon connector following the SHITTY ADD-ON V1.69BIS standard.

Pin Description Direction Connection
1 VCC Power output 3.3v supply voltage output
2 GND Power output Ground reference
3 SDA Data IO I2C bus data
4 SCL Data output I2C bus clock
5 GPIO1 Data IO User configurable IO, connected to RP2040 GPIO18
6 GPIO2 Data IO User configurable IO, connected to RP2040 GPIO19

PMOD (peripheral module interface)


The PMOD connector is wired up to the iCE40 FPGA. Note that while the connector is physically located on the backside of the badge, it has been wired up such that the PMOD’s top side must be pointed in the same direction as the badge’s top.

PMOD pin ICE40 pin Note
1 47 IOB_2a (paired with PMOD pin 7 IOB_3b_G6)
2 48 IOB_4a (paired with PMOD pin 8 IOB_5b)
3 4 IOB_8a (paired with PMOD pin 9 IOB_9b)
4 2 IOB_6a
7 44 IOB_3b_G6 (paired with PMOD pin 1 IOB_2a)
8 45 IOB_5b (paired with PMOD pin 2 IOB_4a)
9 3 IOB_9b (paired with PMOD pin 3 IOB_8a)
10 46 IOB_0a



ESP32 GPIO Direction Function Note
0 Both I2S master clock output / UART download select input Drives I2S DAC / driven by RP2040 through resistor
1 Output UART TX Connected to RP2040
2 Both SD card data 0 SD card slot
3 Input UART RX Connected to RP2040
4 Output I2S bit clock
5 Output LED data Connected to the SK6805 LEDs in the kite
12 Output I2S LR channel select
13 Output I2S data
14 Output SD clock SD card slot
15 Output SD command SD card slot
18 Output SPI clock Connected to LCD and FPGA
19 Output SD card and kite LED power control Set high to enable power to LEDs and SD card
21 Output I2C clock Connected to RP2040, BNO055, BME680, Qwiic connector and SAO addon connector
22 Both I2C data Connected to RP2040, BNO055, BME680, Qwiic connector and SAO addon connector
23 Output SPI MOSI Data from ESP32 to LCD / FPGA
25 Both LCD reset Set to output low to reset LCD, leave floating normally
26 Output LCD mode Low: LCD in SPI mode, high: LCD in parallel mode
27 Output SPI chip select for ICE40 Low: select ICE40, high: deselect ICE40
32 Both SPI chip select for LCD Low: select LCD, high: deselect LCD. Note: output in LCD SPI mode, input in LCD parallel mode
33 Both LCD DC (data or command) selection Note: output in LCD SPI mode, input in LCD parallel mode
34 Input Interrupt from RP2040
35 Input SPI MISO Connected to ICE40
36 (SENSOR_VP) Input Interrupt from position sensor (BNO055)
39 (SENSOR_VN) Input Interrupt from ICE40 FPGA


RP2040 GPIO Direction Pull Function Description
0 Output UART0 TX ESP32 UART
2 Both I2C1 SDA I2C bus data (RP2040 is in slave mode)
3 Input I2C1 SCL I2C bus clock
4 Input Up GPIO Button: MENU
5 Input Up GPIO Button: HOME
6 Input Up GPIO Button: ACCEPT
7 Input Up GPIO Button: Joystick A
8 Input Up GPIO Button: Joystick B
9 Input Up GPIO Button: Joystick C
10 Input Up GPIO Button: Joystick D
11 Input Up GPIO Button: Joystick E
12 Both GPIO ESP32 bootloader mode¹
13 Output GPIO ESP32 enable
14 Both GPIO ESP32 interrupt¹
15 Output PWM LCD backlight brightness
16 Both GPIO Available next to prototyping area
17 Both GPIO Available next to prototyping area
20 Input GPIO FPGA done
21 Output GPIO FPGA reset
22 Input Up GPIO Button: START
23 Input GPIO LiPo charger state
26 Input Up GPIO Button: BACK
27 Output GPIO Infrared LED
28 Input ADC Voltage measurement: USB input
29 Input ADC Voltage measurement: Battery

¹: Set to input normally and force low to activate


ICE40 pin ICE40 GPIO Direction Description Notes
2 IOB_6a Both PMOD pin 4
3 IOB_8a Both PMOD pin 3
4 IOB_9b Both PMOD pin 9
6 IOB_13b Input UART RX
9 IOB_16a Output UART TX
10 IOB_18a Output Interrupt Active-low
11 IOB_20a Output LCD register select
12 IOB_22b Both RAM SPI D2
13 IOB_24a Both RAM SPI D1
14 IOB_32a_SPI_SO Output SPI MISO
15 IOB_34b_SPI_SCK Input SPI SCK
16 IOB_35b_SPI_SS Input SPI SS
17 IOB_33b_SPI_SI Input SPI MOSI
18 IOB_31b Output RAM SPI CS
19 IOB_29b Output RAM SPI SCK
20 IOB_25b_G3 Both RAM SPI D3
21 IOB_23b Both RAM SPI D0
23 IOT_37a Output LCD write
25 IOT_36b Input LCD frame sync
26 IOT_39a Output LCD data 0
27 IOT_38a Output LCD data 1
28 IOT_41a Output LCD CS
31 IOT_42b Output LCD data 2
32 IOT_43a Output LCD data 3
34 IOT_44b Output LCD data 4
35 IOT_46b_G0 Input 12MHz clock
36 IOT_48b Output LCD reset Active-low, drive open-drain
37 IOT_45a_G1 Output LCD data 5
38 IOT_50b Output LCD data 6
39 RGB0 Output LED
40 RGB1 Output LED
41 RGB2 Output LED
42 IOT_51a Output LCD data 7
43 IOT_49a Input LCD mode Should be driven by ESP and monitored by FPGA
44 IOB_3b_G6 Both PMOD pin 7
45 IOB_5b Both PMOD pin 8
46 IOB_0a Both PMOD pin 10
47 IOB_2a Both PMOD pin 1
48 IOB_4a Both PMOD pin 2