MCH2022 badge

The MCH2022 badge is our most advanced badge yet. Shaped like a game console this badge is a powerhouse filled with cool technology.

Once assembled, you can use the badge to display your name, write Python code and maybe play a game or find an Easter Egg, but don’t forget: the real fun starts when you hack it to make it your own!

MCH2022 badge

Getting Started

We’ve assembled some resources to quickly get started.

Getting Help (and helping …)

Reread the instructions if something isn’t working. Then go to our Troubleshooting Guide

Check out these resources if you run into trouble.

The Hardware

The badge contains an Espressif ESP32 Wrover-e WiFi module with 16MB of flash storage and 8MB of PSRAM, an Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller chip for advanced USB communication and board management and a Lattice ICE40UP5K FPGA for hardware accelerated graphics.

It also contains a bunch of stuff (TODO elaborate “stuff”).

The hardware is described in more detail in the hardware section.

The Software

The ESP32 loads an application chooser menu when you first power it on. Once loaded, you can launch a number of preinstalled applications:

  • the Name-Tag app
  • a Micropython scripting environment
  • a sensor playground for the Bosch sensors
  • The Hatchery where you can load more apps!

and the app contains a link to the Hatchery an app store you can use to load more apps. And more importantly, where you can publish app you write yourself.

The software is still in active development, more information will be published here soon.

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