ESP32 based

CampZone 2020
Disobey 2020
CampZone 2019
HackerHotel 2019
Disobey 2019

Other badges

HackerHotel 2020


These badges were made in collaboration with BADGE.TEAM

Other ESP32 based badges

These badges were not developed by us, but we’ve added support for them to our ESP32 platform firmware. Our efforts for these badges are more of an “after market upgrade” so to say…

The CCC camp 2019 “CARD10” badge

The CARD10 uses the hatchery as it’s app repository. For all other details about this project (the hardware, firmware and API) please have a look at the CARD10 project over at the CCC website.

(An incomplete) list of badges

An incomplete but slowly growing list of event badges and their derrivatives. Help us extend this list by pointing us towards badges that are missing.

Name Event Year Architecture ESP32 platform support Hatchery support Supported by BADGE.TEAM
TR11 Troopers 2011 No No No
TiLDA MK1 EMF 2012 No No No
TR12 Troopers 2012 No No No
SiNE EMW/EMF 2013 No No No
TR13 Troopers 2013 No No No
TiLDA MKe EMF 2014 No No No
TR14 Troopers 2014 No No No
TR15 Troopers 2015 No No No
Vuurvliegje Hark24 2015 None No No No
H2HC 2015 H2HC 2015 Arduino Leonardo No No No
TiLDA Mkπ EMF 2016 STM32L486VGT6 No No No
H2HC 2016 H2HC 2016 ESP8266 (NodeMCU) No No No
SHA2017 SHA2017 2017 ESP32 (Wroom) Yes Yes Yes
TR17 Troopers 2017 ATMEGA? No No No
H2HC 2017 H2HC 2017 ATTINY85 No No No
Disobey 2018 2018 STM32F0 No No No
TiLDA Mkδ EMF 2018 MSP432E4 No No No
TR18 Troopers 2018 No No No
Fri3d camp 2018 Fri3d camp 2018 ESP32 (Wroom) Yes (unreleased) Unofficially Unofficially
Open Hardware Summit (OHS) 2018 badge Open Hardware Summit 2018 ESP32 (Wroom) Partially Unofficially Unofficially
H2HC 2018 H2HC 2018 ESP32 (Wroom) No No No
Disobey 2019 2019 ESP32 (Wroom) Yes (unreleased) Yes Yes
Hackerhotel 2019 HackerHotel 2019 ESP32 (Wrover) Yes (unreleased) Yes Yes
I-PANE CampZone 2019 ESP32 (Wroom) Yes Yes Yes
TR19 Troopers 2019 ESP32 (Wrover) Yes (unreleased) Unofficially Unofficially
CARD10 CCC Camp 2019 MAX32666 No Yes Hatchery only
Hello CCC Camp (unofficial) 2019 LPC1115 No No No
DIY badge ETH0 Autumn 2019 None No No Yes
Disobey 2020 2020 ESP32 (Wrover) Yes Yes Yes
Hackerhotel 2020 HackerHotel 2020 ??? No No Yes
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